March 17, 2018

Apply to Estonian Studies MA Programme at Tallinn University -April 1 Deadline

Estonian Studies is a unique master’s programme teaching Estonian language, culture, history, societal and political topics based on English. It is aimed at students whose native language is not Estonian.


The Head of the Estonian Studies Programme is Professor Piret Viires.

Deadline for submitting your application: 1 April, 2018.  Inquiries and forms: School of Humanities

On 1-23 March 2018, we will conduct live streams via YouTube and Facebook Live, that will give you an overview of:

  • Tallinn University
  • our English-based Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes
  • Tallinn Summer and Winter School
  • the admission process
  • student life
  • etc

Please log in with your Google (for YouTube) or Facebook account so you are able to ask questions via chat.

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