November 27, 2016

Sõrve Estonian Singing Workshop 2017

Encouraged by the success of the first Estonian Song Workshop “Regilaul” held at Sõrve in 2015, the Sõrve community has agreed to host a second workshop “Eesti Laulupeo Laulud” (Songs from Laulupidu) at Point Wolstoncroft on Lake Macquarie, NSW.


Commencing Friday evening 13th January, with a “Welcome icebreaker session”, participants will have the opportunity to learn, rediscover and/or perform, well-known Estonian songs in a relaxed atmosphere. For those who have musical instruments, there will be an opportunity to perform for or join in with other musicians. The workshop proper will begin on Saturday morning after breakfast from 10am – 12noon and will cover, in a hopefully engaging way,

  • Vocal warmups and voice control exercises
  • Holding your own in an SATB choir
  • In depth analysis and rehearsal of a well known song that is always performed at Laulupidu
  • Rehearsal of a “new” song featured at Laulupidu 2014
  • Performance of one or both of these songs to a very friendly and supportive audience

If Estonian music is of interest to you, then join us for the second Estonian Music Workshop from Friday 13th January to Saturday 14th January, 2017 at Sõrve Summer Camp, Point Wolstoncroft, NSW. Accommodation and meals are the only costs you will incur. For more information and to register, please contact the workshop director:
Kieran Scott
[email protected]

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