February 11, 2013

Estonian vocabulary course for beginners on web

March, 4 to December, 20, 2013 University of Tartu offers a web-based Estonian language course for beginners.
Learn the Estonian Language

The course is aimed at adult learners. This course is suitable for people, who want to improve their skills in learning Estonian. Students will gain an introductory knowledge of Estonian vocabulary and will be able to use the vocabulary covered during the course in everyday situations. Other aspects of the Estonian language (grammatical structure, etc.) will also be introduced.

The course is 95 % web-based. There are 5 classroom meetings (or Skype-meetings) per course. The course will end with an exam. At the meetings the teachers will provide the learners with feed-back on their home assignments, and refine their talking-skills.

On completion of the course the learners will be able to

  1. use the vocabulary and grammar covered during the course in everyday situations;
  2. read and create simple texts (both oral and written).

On the web-page of the course there will be links to the learning materials divided into 10 lessons. Vocabulary related to the following topics is introduced: family and home, food and drink, leisure time activities, climate and nature, etc.

Completed exercises and creative writing assignments on each topic are to be sent to the teachers. The time schedule for presenting home work and taking the on-line tests will be sent to all the participants. The tests will appear on the web-page after each class-room (Skype) meeting. The students will get individual feed-back on the results of the tests. The course ends with an exam (final test).

Participation fee: 110 euros

Registration: either at Esta.pilt@ut.ee , sending your name, address, e-mail and date of birth or (in Estonian) at https://www.is.ut.ee/pls/ois/tere.tulemast?viit=4531784

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