December 13, 2010

The Festival Esto Pub Night – Dec 29

Adelaide, Esto Pub Night & The Ashes!

On Friday the 3rd of December it has been reported that over 37 million viewers worldwide had tuned into the events just North of Adelaide! Unfortunately many Estonians from interstate could not find accommodation. Was it because we had organized an Esto Pub Night at Kalev on Jeffcott? This would be the logical explanation but the staff at Adelaide Oval had also arranged an Ashes test for the same weekend.

Well the Australian cricket players did endure some difficult times but those who attended the Esto Pub night once again enjoyed a relaxing evening. This was undoubtedly the most well attended EPN’s in its short history. This time of the year many people have other engagements and commitments but the temptation of “Hapu Koor, Kapsas and Kristina Lupp” was certainly the stimulus for a great ticket.

Hapu Koor, as Kadri Auvaart explained during the evening, is a clever play on words. Koor in “Eesti Keel” or Estonian means both “Choir” and “Cream”. Hapu Koor referring to “Sour Cream” is a very distant truth from the skill and delight of this wonderful choir. So much so that well over 120 people flocked to see the fantastic performance. Thank you Kadri for your and the Adelaide Eesti Segakoor’s fantastic effort!

Toomas Sarapuu and his team behind the bar, have received an amazing amount of praise in the past Pub Nights for their great range of Estonian and local beverages. Well on this occasion we were fortunate enough to be allowed by the Adelaide Estonian Social committee to sample the fully imported supply of Saku Kuld! This was especially imported for the Australian Estonian Festival and was supposed to be a closely guarded surprise, so please keep it quiet.

The Esto Pub Night has evolved in it’s short history and our motto has always been to provide an interesting theme and welcome all Estonians and their friends to our hall to most importantly provide a relaxing evening and support the community. Kristina Lupp has provided an amazing personal support over the last eighteen months and on this occasion coordinated another spectacular meal. This time it was a true Estonian dish, Kalev on Jeffcott was packed 30 minutes before the official opening time and over 80 meals were sold in the first 45 minutes. Kristina, we are all looking forward to “A Taste of Estonia” during the December Festival.

Well were does the “Esto Pub Night phenomena” go from here? After lengthy discussions with the Australian Estonian Festival organizing committee, those attending the festival here in Adelaide will experience the full enthusiasm of the EPN concept! Just keep this very quiet, December the 29th at 6:30pm at Kalev on Jeffcott the small group of Estonians here in Adelaide will welcome those attending the festival the true spirit of what the Estonians are all about here in Adelaide. This will be a relaxing evening with no formalities. Remember our motto, drop in for ten minutes or stay for the evening, no booking or formal arrangements are required. You will meet friendly Estonians, enjoy a great meal, and sample fantastic wines, Estonian Vodka, Cider and Saku Kuld. Drop in after being out elsewhere or come for the evening we will have fantastic music videos. This will be the Esto Pub Night that you will really meet all of your old friends! Nobody will be turned away. More details can be seen at or find us on Facebook.
Richard Semenov

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